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Nepali Bride- Celebrating Red


Oh! Mooi, Oh! Mooi

You are a Nepali Bride, your face glowed with Pride.

Oh that  red attire, everyone admired.








“I love photos, especially when I click myself”.

Last weekend (July 02, 2016) I was on coffee date with one of my dearest friend Kartika. That days’ weather was heavy, just too perfect for this meet up.  We made this plan after our basic photography workshop. Kartika was looking gorgeous with that wavy long hair and simple pink T-shirt. Since, we had one umbrella to share- half of our sides, got drenched in the rain.

We went to “Hot Breads” the chain restaurant of town. The friend of mine is a writer, social worker, down to earth person. We work together at same organization and she handles Office of student affairs, where she is an inspiration for many of us. The waiter placed an order and Kartika ordered cappuccino for both of us. The side of the restaurant had glass walls. We both enjoyed watching people outside until our cappuccino arrived. I was so happy to see decorative coffee. I wanted to click some photographs for my assignment so; I took out camera and started practicing perfect shots using the skills that I had learned just before this date. The environment was just so positive and vibrant, we started talking about everything. That day I shared her one of my secrets which I had kept in myself for a long period of time.

That coffee, weather, environment and company was too perfect that made July 02, 2016 memorable day of my life.

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